Why SEO Implementation is Essential for the Success of Your Business

Search engine optimization or SEO, as we know, plays a vital role in online marketing. Google or “googling”  is the way most people navigate the web. Traffic that comes from search engines is known as ‘organic’ traffic or ‘natural’ traffic. Organic traffic is an integral part of the total traffic that a website receives. SEO refers to all techniques applied to get pages rank higher in search engine results. There are many, but Google is still the “go-to” search engine. The search function is the primary way of discovering content online. Getting a website rank higher in the search engine results is one of the best ways of increasing traffic to a website.

SEO is about bringing several changes to a website, with the sole objective of improving its search rankings, improving the brand image, bringing in more traffic, and building the credibility of the website.

SEO – How Does It Work?

Having a website for your online business is simply not enough. Unless your target audience can find you, your products/services, and even your brand, a website is useless. SEO is the way to reach out to customers who are looking for products/services related to your brand or what your online business has to offer. Our Search Engine Optimization professionals utilize several strategies to achieve this. However, they also use techniques to make the website design & content (among many other things) attractive to search engines. Everything is done with the focus of displaying your website’s link as a top search result. Whenever any users ‘search’ online using your specific keywords or key phrases it is important they’ll find you.

UX (User Experience)

For SEO to be successful, it is essential to know, what impacts the rankings of a website. Search engines, especially Google, aim to provide the best options for users when they search for information. They aim to deliver search results that are high-quality, as well as relevant and useful. This is known as “UX” or “User Experience”. For this, search engine algorithms scan or ‘crawl’ websites in depth. By doing so, they understand what the website is about, its offerings, as well as its objectives. Thus, creating a database, delivering relevant results to match certain keywords or topics.
Search engines scan to determine how easy it is to read and navigate a website, as well as, how relevant it is. The more user-friendly and relevant sites are, the higher up they appear in the search results. But this is not all, there are many other factors relevant to successful SEO.

Technical SEO

User experience can of course also be impacted by the technical aspects of your website. For years now the trend has been focusing on “mobile” usage. All Google algorithms, as well as deep core updates since three years ago, have focused on mobile usage. Our SEO specialists will look at your site’s technical SEO situation and correct it where necessary. Technical SEO incorporates things like a website’s load speed, internal and external links, correct hreflang setups, and much more.

To sum it up:

SEO refers to the process any business goes through to ensure that the website ranks high for relevant keywords and phrases.
Good SEO results in a high rank of your site in search results. If SEO is done very well, you will have 1st search page results ranking or even be in the top 5. This can be compared with your shop being directly on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. A location than means, lots of potential customers circulating and stopping by to do their shopping. No, or bad SEO means that your shop is somewhere in the Sonoma Desert with no customers circulating or stopping by.

In SEO, the rule is, if you appear in search results among the “top 5”, your website will be buzzing with traffic leading to a high business volume. If lower than the top 5, but still on page 1, you will have lots of visitors to your site and do significant business. If your link appears on page 2 you will have significantly fewer visitors to your site, which will reflect in the business you’ll do. Any lower than page 2, you are in the Sonoma Desert and will see very, very few visitors to your site and do virtually no business at all.

Implementing SEO

SEO implementation is essential for the success of any online business. By improving SEO, it is possible to enhance the visibility on search engines. Thus, it is a way to reach, as well as engage potential customers. With SEO focused content and other changes on the website, the chances of increasing the organic traffic increase manifold.
Our SEO professionals apply several techniques such as adjusting the website and its content for improving visibility & readability.

Here is a brief –

SEO Techniques for Site Optimization

SEO is a combination of three different activities:

  • Technical SEO
  • Content SEO
  • Off-page SEO

SEO Audit of the Website

When taking on new accounts, at Orange, our first step is always a website audit. Auditing helps in analyzing why a website is not getting traffic and why sales are not improving. An SEO audit includes a close examination of the website’s performance.  This is followed by setting goals based on the findings, as well as the implementation of tactics to reach such objectives.

Following you’ll find just a few aspects evaluated in an Orange SEO audit:

  • Speed of the website – how fast or slow it loads.
  • First Contentful Paint
  • Time to interactive
  • Is your site mobile friendly?
  • Do all pages of the website have SEO meta titles & descriptions?
  • How well are the keywords used? Is each page optimized to the maximum for keywords? Or is there any sign of keyword stuffing?
  • URL structure – it is optimized? Ideally, this has to be short and simple, but contain the pages keyword or key-phrase so that search engines know what the website is about.
  • Content formatting – Usage of h1 & h2, h3 etc… tags. How many words are there in a paragraph? Is there a call to action? Grammar, spelling, content uniqueness, as well as quality of the content are also analyzed. As are Sentence structure – How is the active to passive sentence ratio? How many connecting words are used?
  • Interlinking – Are the pages well interlinked?
  • External links – Are there any external links to high authority sites?

And much, much more.

Keyword Research

The next step after an SEO audit is keyword research. The process involves looking at different keywords. But also at synonyms thereof for which the site is supposed to rank. It is also about checking the keywords for which the competitors are ranking. The identification of keywords that potential customers are looking for is of course equally important. At Orange, we use various tools to identify the different terms which searchers are using in Google search. Identification of the relevant keywords provides a direction on what the next step will be. Furthermore, it gives a direction based on which the site will be optimized and promoted.

On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

On-Page site optimization includes the page URL to include keywords. It is about updating the title tag of the page to use search terms & using various alt attributes to describe images. The meta title tag and meta description tag are also beneficial. They also have an impact on the rankings of the website. They help in increasing the click-through rate from SERP’s.

Off-page site optimization involves several activities such as

  • Directory submission for building quality backlinks
  • Image submission by sharing photos on image submission sites
  • Infographic submission – These are quite popular now.
  • Creation of engaging sharable content which can generate natural backlinks
  • Contributing as a guest blogger or author
  • Engaging actively in social media
  • Participating in forums by answering the question, providing suggestions, and replying to threads
  • If an existing site already has back-links, we will check those for any “toxic” back-links or toxic domains and disavow those via search console.

SEO Content Optimization

At TurnItOrange we know that you cannot fool Google!

It is extraordinarily efficient in distinguishing original high-quality content and fluff content. Most content available online is fluff, and this is why it does not rank. Here are some of the many things which help to ensure that content is high-quality, relevant, engaging & offers value to the readers.

  • Use only original content – if needed, at Orange we have a team of highly skilled subject matter experts who write articles with clarity & value.
  • Apply keywords naturally – stuffing keywords does not help.
  • Create content for all those terms/keywords that is better than other ranking websites.
  • Use h1, h2, h3 tags, easy to read content, grammatically correct, as well as informative content.

These were some of the many SEO techniques which are utilized by our experts for optimizing a website. Now, how do they carry out such activities?

Orange SEO professionals utilize several tools. Here are some of the most common and highly effective tools used by our professionals </p

Top 5 SEO Tools and Their Usage

  • Ahrefs – This is one of the most recommended tools available online. Ahref’s site audit feature is one of the most popular tools used by experts.
  • Google Webmaster Tool – This is a free offering by Google. It provides free rankings & traffic reports for the top pages & keywords. It also helps in identifying and fixing various technical issues of the site.
  • Keyword Planner – It is a free tool and a part of Google Ads product. It is a smart tool used for SEO as it offers keyword suggestions. It also provides keywords search volume that is helpful for keyword research.
  • SEMRush – This is a tool which helps with keyword research, it tracks the competitor’s keyword strategy, and also helps in running an SEO audit. It looks for possible back-linking opportunities as well. The tool is trusted by most internet marketers and used by small and big businesses alike.
  • Copyscape – This is an essential tool which helps to check the uniqueness of site content. It displays any line or phrases which is duplicate or match the content of any other website.

Despite everything, several online businesses still do not think about SEO or are unsure if SEO is worth investing in. Here are some reasons why online companies should consider implementing SEO and keep up SEO maintenance.

Benefits of SEO

Traffic Source

SEO is the way to bring traffic to your website. It is a customer-centric approach and helps in getting targeted traffic. SEO is targeted at a specific visitor group, looking for what you have to offer. Therefore, SEO brings in relevant & quality traffic to a website. Traffic, that will convert into sales.


When you compare organic SEO to paid ads, it is evident that SEO involves in the long run, much lower cost. However, it does need regular investment and some patience, but in the end, it is worth the investment when you start seeing results.

Helps in Building Brand Authority & Credibility

People usually trust the first page results that they see for a search term or keyword. Visitors consider those companies trusted that they see in the first results of the search engines. Thus, with SEO, your brand can gain recognition, as well as develop trust & reliability in the minds of customers.

Aids Conversions and High ROI

Good SEO will bring in a chunk of traffic to your online business. Furthermore, there will be a lot of conversions with continuous efforts. SEO provides an opportunity to increase sales, as well as guide users, subscribe to your newsletter, or to share content on social media. Since SEO is a cheaper option and brings in more traffic, its ROI is also significant as well.

Long Term Benefits

SEO is a long-term strategy and helps businesses for several years. Its results begin to show literally within days after a page has been optimized. Overall results for a whole website show within 1 to 2 months.


You might have an amazing product and a great looking website, but unless people discover you online, it is of no use. Seeking professional help for SEO optimization helps businesses in reaching out to customers. Furthermore, by doing so, they expand their business and of course, increase profitability.

Let your online business be on the upper part of 5th Avenue and not in the Sonora Desert!

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