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Establishing a Strong Recognizable Brand Is Pure Necessity

Most have heard of Branding, but what does it actually mean, and is it really necessary for your business? The unequivocal answer is “Yes” . It doesn’t matter if you are a local Bakery or Butchers shop, a nationwide active corporation or a Multinational. Branding means, being known to your demographic customer base, being a “Household Name”. At TIO we know of the importance of Branding in today’s competitive business world and we are your solution to Branding.

Here are some examples of what “Branding or Brand identity” means:

  • When a mother realizes she is out of bread, your local Bakery, your location automatically springs to her mind. She knows your business because your local “Branding” campaign has firmly established your business name and location in her mind as the go-to address for bread. This is what is known as “Brand identity”.

  • A Father notices that his lawn-mower has reached the end of its usefulness and needs replacing. Your business name, your location automatically springs to his mind. This is because he has seen your advertisements and heard that you offer “great deals” on many occasions over time. Your “Brand” as a go-to DIY shop with a great selection of goods has been firmly established in his mind. You have become a household brand.

  • Children are playing on a hot summer’s day in the garden. They get thirsty and ask their mum for what? Can we please have some “soft drinks” mom? Of course not, they ask for some Coke, or Fanta or for Sprite, or for whichever “Brand” has been established in their young minds through Branding. Branding happens via TV advertising, trucks with advertising printed on their sides, showing that particular soft-drink.

the biggest Brands in the World advertise on Times Square
  • You wake up in the morning with a tooth ache. As much as you hate the thought, but a dentist visit is unavoidable. The name of a dentist practice pops in your mind, one that you have seen numerous times advertising for safe, pain-free and affordable dentistry while you were searching on Google for something else. Or you may have seen their name and details advertised at you bus-stop, on TV or …. This is Branding


Branding will take your business out of obscurity and into peoples mind!

There are countless more examples we can show you, but the results are always the same. Branding or Brand identity is the denominator that decides between a business’ success or failure.

Now, with the Internet being ever present in people’s lives, you, with your small or medium sized business can use this powerful marketing tool as well!

Times have changed in “Branding”. Today, Branding often takes place though the ever present Internet. Allowing this powerful Marketing tool to be used not only by Multinationals with advertising budgets in the Millions of $. Today, also the small or medium sized business with only a few hundred or a few thousand dollars in their monthly Marketing budgets can also take advantage of this powerful Marketing tool.

We measure our success by your success!

What we will do for you:

  1. Our Branding professionals, will hold an initial introductory conversation with you or your appointed employee during which your goals and budgets will also be discussed.

  2. Thereafter they will create a general Branding plan including costs. This plan will be presented to you for approval.

  3. After approval, the TIO research team will set about to dig deep into your market, may it be local or international. The team will find what your competition is doing and all there is to know about your potential customers demographics.

  4. A meeting of the research team with our Branding team will take place and the compiled data be discussed. Thereafter, our Branding team will go into action and develop a detailed plan, custom made for YOUR business.

  5. You will be able to view the plan and after your approval, our Marketing team will start putting the plan into action and your Branding campaign will start.

  6. Your campaign will be supervised at all times and if required, we will use special software to monitor and control “social media” comments about your business anywhere at any time.

the biggest Brands in the World advertise on Times Square

With professional Branding by TIO, your business name will become established as a household name. Your sales will reach so far unknown heights!

At TIO, our specialist teams in Branding will be at your disposal to create the most cost effective, successful campaign possible. A campaign that will fit your budget and achieve your goals. All you have to do is to contact us today and you will lay the path to great success for your business.


If you are selling products, or a service, Branding is essential to succeed in today’s highly competitive market.

Contact us today and we will discuss how we will Brand your business and turn YOUR business into a household brand!

To establish your own Brand identity for your business


Key Benefits

What steps do we take when branding or re-branding your company?

See below for an overview of steps from start to launch.

Strong and recognizable

Strong and recognizable branding


Slogan and tagline conceptualization

Cohesive look

Cohesive look and feel for all marketing

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