Brand Identity

Establishing a Strong Recognizable Brand Is Pure Necessity

Brand identity is important for businesses of all sizes. From a small local bakery to a large multinational, if you’re determined for your business or website to succeed, it needs to be unique, and it must have some kind of brand identity. It’s not simply a case of clicking your fingers and having a brand identity in front of you – they take a long time to devise, and even longer to properly implement. At Turn It Orange we’re specialists in the brand identity arena, and we can help you come up with everything from an eye-catching logo, to a snappy slogan. If you’re looking for a company that offers a brand identity service that’s second to none, you’ve found us!

What we do

Each client comes to us at a different stage of the brand identification process. Some clients have a very vivid idea of what they’d like their brand to look and sound like – other clients come to us all out of ideas, begging for inspiration. It doesn’t really matter what camp you fall into in all honesty, because we can pick up the slack and help to deliver a fantastic brand identity that you can be proud of.

Clients that have a vivid idea of what they require are encouraged to articulate it to us, so that our team can put thoughts and ideas into practice and make them a reality. Clients with no idea of what they want are asked to cite examples of competitors and brands that they like so that we can tailor the brand identity around these needs. Have faith that we’re going to deliver you a product you’ll be proud enough to carry around in your wallet.

the biggest Brands in the World advertise on Times Square

Turning ideas into reality

We turn ideas into reality on a daily basis. We have a lot of experience when it comes to brand identity, and we’ve got lots of happy clients behind us. We don’t just go to work to pay the bills at Turn It Orange, we go to work because we love what we do – we’ve got a real passion for creativity and marketing.

Don’t forget that we also offer additional services like SEO, PPC, social media marketing and even graphic design. We don’t just deal in brand identity, we offer every service a business or webmaster could possibly need – from coming up with an idea and a brand, to building and marketing a professional website. Do the right thing and get in touch with us today – your dream brand identity could be just a few days away!

Key Benefits

What steps do we take when branding or re-branding your company?

See below for an overview of steps from start to launch.

Strong and recognizable

Strong and recognizable branding


Slogan and tagline conceptualization

Cohesive look

Cohesive look and feel for all marketing

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