What is Lead Generation and How Will It Benefit Your Business?

You have probably heard about “Lead Generation” and that it is an important marketing tool for many businesses. But what is “Lead Generation” really?

Lead generation means the gathering of information

“Lead Generation” basically means gathering contact information of potential customers and using this information to sell your products or service. To achieve this, a number of factors have to come together.

  1. The first and most important event; your potential customers have to find your website. To achieve this, you need a website with perfect SEO so it appears in the top search engine rankings and can be found. Alternatively you’ll have to advertise on search engines and (depending on the nature of your business) social media.

  2. The website has to be “trustworthy” “attention grabbing” and the information provided has to be ”to the point” and be focused towards your potential customer. This can all be combined under UX (user experience). In short, your potential customer has to feel “comfortable” and his/her interest be awakened with the visual appearance and content of the webpage he/she lands on. He/she has to feel that your website is professional, can be trusted and that his/her search subject will be met.

lead generation

Lead generation & effective Branding

Only if the above points are met, will the potential customer be easily persuaded to pass on his/her name, email address and may be phone number and at that point, become a Lead. In some cases, companies require even more information and have a questionnaire they ask potential clients to complete. This would contain a lot more information than just the name, email address and phone number. In those cases, the above points are even more important, but may not be enough. Only effective “Branding” will lead people to complete questionnaires with lots of personal details. If this is what you need, please see our “Branding” section of our site for more information.

In most cases however, the name, email address and/or phone number will be sufficient for your sales staff to follow up the leads and convert them to orders, subscriptions etc…

Lead generation benefits both, the business and the potential customer

Lead Generation is a win-win situation for both the potential customer and the seller. Potential customers are receiving information on products they are looking for. The seller is given the opportunity to pitch a product or service to a dedicated audience that has given permission for him/her to do so. People who have given their personal information and agreed to receive info mails or even calls, represent sure leads. As any sales-person will agree, such leads are 99% sales.

How to generate Leads?

To generate Leads you have to bring customers to either your website or a specific “landing page”. You can also say, this will be the start of a “sales funnel”.

Lead generation can be done in a variety of way and here are the most popular ways:

Have perfect SEO

Have perfect SEO done for your website by TurnItOrange. That way, your links turn up on the first page of Google’s organic search results. This is the cheapest way, long-term, and the most successful method. The reason been, that potential clients tend to “trust” companies more when they achieve top Google ranking and appear on the first page of search results.

Google ads

Google ads, the former Google AdWords, can be highly effective in Lead building. Ad campaigns can be set up to target your specific audience and thereby avoiding expensive, but useless clicks which will result in “bounces”. To achieve this, you should consider hiring an agency like TurnItOrange, where specialized marketing teams will make sure that your CPC (cost per click) and ROI (return on investment) is 100% optimized. All that said, Google ads will require a substantial budget and depending on your particular business genre, for some, clicks on your ads can cost up to $10.00 and more. Usually, the average cost will be around US$ 1.20 or less per click though.

Social media and Social media advertising

Your social media activities will be most successful if your business is of the B2C type or in other words, if you are selling products or services directly to the customer/end user. At TurnItOrange, we have teams that specialize in setting up Social Media campaigns for you. This includes opening Facebook and Twitter etc. accounts for you and set-up automated “feeding” programs. We can also feed and “populate” your account by direct entries, responding to visitors requests. Social media advertising campaigns are part of the package to generate lots of valuable leads, but like Google ads, require a substantial budget to be successful. Again, such advertising campaigns can be highly targeted into the specific demographics of your potential customers.

Specialized Blog’s

At TurnItOrange, we have teams of highly knowledgeable writers in a wide genre of businesses and services. Those range from computer programming, to travel, CBD products, medical expertise, cooking and many more. Establishing a “high value” blog for your website with the right “linking structure” will not only improve your sites overall SEO, but in itself generate a following over time. Yes, the following will take some time to grow, but when viewed long term, this is a highly successful way of generating top-value leads. This is how so called “influencers” started. TurnItOrange will help you, to become your own “influencer” in your particular genre.


Data is most useful when shared. We understand that steep learning curves and adoption cycles prevent many companies from updating their technology

See below for an overview of steps from start to launch.

Online Generation

Online Generation

Inside Sales intel

Inside Sales intel

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions


Marketing Solutions

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How to collect potential clients information?

This depends on the platform you use for your site, blog or both. Some platforms offer apps, allowing you to create your questionnaire, but they are usually limited in scope and not very attractive. At TurnItOrange, our developers will create perfect questionnaires for your site, requesting just the right amount of initial information. If you ask too much during this “first contact”, potential clients may get scared off, if you ask too little, you may not get all the information you need. Our specialists know from many years of experience what to ask at this crucial “first contact” point without scaring the potential customer away.

How not to lose your valuable Leads or how to make sure your emails are not ending up in the “Spam” folder?

The SEO or Ad campaign was a success and you received dozens or may be even hundreds of leads. It is only natural, that you are tempted to fire out emails containing your offerings that day and every day. And that will ensure, that your qualified leads will become obsolete because they will label your emails as “spam” and never see any again.

Lead building is certainly not finished once you have the potential customer’s data. It goes much further. For that, we have our specialized email marketing team that not only knows how often it is safe to send emails to leads. Most importantly, they how to create emails so that they are opened and will be have visual and content interest to the receiver. That way, the potential client will not classify your mails as spam, but interact with the email and eventually place an order, or order your service.

Why hire TurnItOrange for your lead building?

Working with a large agency like TurnItOrange means, adding a whole host of different departments to your company, but without the huge cost and additional management efforts that would involve. TurnItOrange is here for you to realize your company’s full growth and sales potential.