Pay Per Click

Pay per Click (PPC) is a great as well as instant way to drive highly targeted traffic to your website. The art of achieving the best results with a high conversion rate is in configuring and setting up the Pay per Click campaigns. Not only are they extremely time consuming, they’re also very complex.

one of the most important part of setting up a PPC campaign is the targeting

A Click can mean a potential customer or a waste of your money. The CPC or cost per click can vary widely depending on your product or service you want to offer. The quality of the ads and landing pages (relevancy) also have an effect on the cost per click. The landing page is your selling tool.

one of the most important part of setting up a PPC campaign is the targeting

It is the landing page that converts a potential customer into an actual customer

A possible sale or contract starts when a potential customer clicks on the ad. It is however the landing page that has to convert a visitor to a customer or client.

At turnitorange, our PPC specialists will create the best possible, keyword optimized adverts. Our web designers will create effective, converting landing pages for your business. At turnitorange we have a number of teams, each specializing in a particular task. Those teams work together to achieve the best possible results from your PPC campaigns for your business.

This will not only ensure the lowest possible CPC, but also many sales conversions. A low CPC and many conversions equals a great ROI (return of investment).

Our PPC team will also ensure, that your ads appear only before the right demographic group and in the right region/country. This will avoid useless, but costly clicks and result in a very low bounce rate.

Different Pay per Click campaigns

A campaign can be a simple “search” campaign or a complex set of different campaigns with search, display and re-marketing campaigns.

Our graphics and design team will be at your service to create the best, eye catching display ads for your specific business. Our PPC team will utilize the ads to bring qualified traffic to your landing page or website.

We work across various PPC networks to ensure that you get as much high quality traffic as possible. Our two favorites are Google AdWords, and BingAds. We’ve achieve huge success using both of these networks for a vast array of clients in many industries. Let us do the same for you too!

The initial setup and configuration of a Pay per Click campaign

The most work intense part of a Pay per Click campaign is the initial setup and configuration of the PPC campaign. This can take many days, sometimes even weeks! The bigger your budget the more complex the setup and configuration is likely to be. Typically we like to get Pay per Click campaigns setup in just a week, so that you can start benefiting from high quality PPC traffic as soon as possible!

Ongoing maintenance of your PPC campaign

Once a Pay per Click campaign has been set up, we will monitor it for you and if necessary tweak the ads or keywords to achieve the best results.

The reason for ongoing monitoring and tweaking of a campaign is pretty simple! User habits and behavior are constantly changing. Keywords that bring in lots of sales and traffic this month may not work next month. New, emerging keywords and search terms in your industry might start to bring in lots of conversions, but if we’re not looking after the on-going maintenance of your campaign you won’t benefit from them.

At turnitorange we offer a complete Pay per Click campaign service, with experienced specialists ready to go to work for you.

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Key Benefits

How do we advertise your business and capture the perfect target audience?

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Bring targeted traffic

Bring targeted traffic to your site

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Experienced managers

Experienced managers on your account

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