Why Hire a Website Design & Development Agency?

TurnItOrange is a leading Website Design & Development Agency and our developers use the latest technology and techniques to create fast, attention grabbing, mobile compatible websites for our clients. Websites have developed rapidly over the last years. Faster Internet speeds and better coding systems allow for visually pleasing, interactive websites, being a showcase for your company.

However, visitors have also changed and now expect much more from your website. Google, (which is still the leading search engine) developed algorithms that look for up to date content, mobile usability and speed as far as your website is concerned. A good looking, but slow website or one that is not mobile compatible will not achieve top rankings within Googles search results.

Why use TurnItOrange to develop your website?

The answer is quite simple, at TurnItOrange, you are not just hiring a Website development agency. Besides the team of developers, we also provide a team of highly skilled SEO specialists, knowledgeable, accomplished Content Writers, as well as exceptional Graphic Artists and Marketing specialists. Only this combination of skills will guaranty the success of your website in today’s highly competitive market.

Your website has 3 seconds to attract your visitors attention or loose it

The Internet offers a myriad of websites with a vast amount of information to everybody. People want information to be interesting and to be supplied fast in an attractive package. Once a Visitor has clicked on your link in Googles search results, or your ad, the landing page has to open very quickly. It has to present the visitor immediately with attention grabbing contents. This can be achieved by a headline combined with a visual enticement that creates the “WOW” effect. Only then will the visitor start to scroll and read what is on offer. At TurnItOrange, our specialist’s developers and Art departments insist on the “WOW” effect for all websites created by us.

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User experience or UX is all the rage with Googles algorithms

A modern, professional website must offer the visitor easy access to the information he/she is looking for. All links on the site have to be clearly defined and functional. The site has to be well structured and be up-to date to comply with Googles UX requirements and visitors expectations.

Mobile compatibility

The latest Google “deep core update” of its algorithms and comments by high ranking Google staff left no daubed, that Google has gone mobile. Search engine rankings are now based on your websites mobile compatibility. Google went this way, because they recognized that a very high percentage of searches were conducted via mobile technology. IPhones, Tablets and Notebooks are the gadgets used by your potential customers or clients today. Mobile traffic stands at the moment at about 56% of worldwide Internet usage but is even higher in highly developed nations, such as the USA.

That is why, some time ago, Google developed the AMP system. AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. Pages that are designed to load extremely fast and also look attractive on smaller, mobile screens.

Responsive Websites

Does this mean I need 2 websites, one for mobile devices and one for desktops? The simple answer is; No! At TurnItOrange, our developers/programmers create so called “Responsive Websites”. Responsive means, that the coding of your website responds to the device it is accessed by and is able to adjust its contents to suite all devices. For smaller (mobile) screens, images are reduced in size while text is kept at a readable level and the website structure is adjusted as needed. Your website will be as attention grabbing and UX compliant on a large desk-top screen as on a small iPhone screen.

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Which one of the highly advertised Website Platforms is the best for my business?

When surfing the Internet for so called “Web Platforms” you will be inundated with a large number of offers. Most will be telling you that you can design your website yourself with their easy to use system with no programming skills required. They even offer “ready-made” themes that at first glance look attractive. Many go as far and offer ready build SEO aps (applications) as well as easy “web-shop” setups. Some prime examples would be Wix and Shopify, but even WordPress offers such “turn-key” website projects.

While WordPress is a good platform because it allows direct source code access, Java and CMS coding, meaning, that a skilled developer can create first-class websites with this platform, Shopify is a disaster, if you ever want to get on page 1 of Google searches. To verify this statement, simply load “Google Lighthouse” into Chrome and then go to a website created with Shopify and do an analysis of the site by clicking on the “Lighthouse” icon. You will see technical SEO results that are terrible, substantiating the above statement. Without going into technical issues such as “render blocking resources” – “code heavy but content light pages” – “unnecessary CGI as well as Java scripts” the platform is simply terrible.

Custom made websites rule the number 1 page of Google search results

Custom made websites can be created on platforms such as WordPress, Odoo and Drupal etc. Many of those platforms have developed from what is known as “open source” platforms, written by many highly skilled programmers. They do require equally skilled developers/programmers to create a website. To achieve that “perfect website” for your business requires coding skills like Java, CMS and others which have one thing in common; they are highly specialized and certainly not easy. TurnItOrange employs some of the best programmers/developers to create that custom made website for you and your business.


Website Design Process

How do you design a website that is custom tailored to your business goals?

See below for an overview of steps from start to launch.


Discovery & Strategy


Information Architecture


Creative Design


Coding & Development



Clients Acceptance

Clients Acceptance





TurnItOrange offers you a complete website design and development service including SEO and Marketing services. Hiring a Website Design Agency should be done with care and most certainly with some research. We at TurnItOrange will provide you with a complete cost projection, not just for the initial design and other work involved, but we also offer a continuous SEO and Content writing service if required. Your success is our success!